Dental Tourism

Why Dental Tourism in India?

Global dental care now affordable in India!

With tremendous amount of dental care treatments costing high on your pockets, thinking of a dental procedure becomes a privilege. This is not just the case of only American country but also of European countries, Australia, and New Zealand face the same issue of high treatment costs.

Affordable Dental tourism treatments in India are now easily available at Care 32 Family Care Center. We provide world-class dental treatment at our clinic.

Many people in different countries like Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia, people search for quality dental treatments, they find it difficult to identify the right kind dental care facility.

Dental Tourism in India

India is now growing as a destination of medical tourism because of its modern hospital infrastructure, high quality medical services, skilled and experienced medical professionals, and affordable treatment costs.

Present estimate of people visiting for dental treatments from countries like US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Maldives, Bangladesh, and African countries like UgandaKenya, Nigeria, and others visit India every year is USD 3 billion and is expected to be USD 8 billion by 2020.

Reasons why people prefer dental tourism in India according to dental tourists worldwide:

  • World-class health care infrastructure
  • Appropriate accreditation system for Indian hospitals
  • Availability of experts
  • Legal system to protect medical tourists
  • Indian doctors are acquainted to diagnose and prescribe treatment
  • Well experienced doctors and surgeons with a proven track record
  • Indian hospital staff is well organized
  • Affordable treatments
  • Other minimal costs
  • Affordable accommodation and adequate facilities for patient’s relatives
  • Hospitals here help them get their medical visa

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