Child Dental Care

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If there is one thing that most people adore, it’s a child’s smile. At Care 32 Family Dental Care Center, we understand the growing  smile and ensure that every smile grows up to be a healthy one.

Children may need dental treatment for the following:

  • Early Childhood Caries
  • Plaque formation
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Lip-sucking
  • Early tooth loss
+ How soon should I start caring for my child’s teeth?
A child’s teeth begin forming even before birth.Oral care should ideally begin immediately after birth. The baby’s gums should be cleaned after each feeding. Once the teeth appear, you can start a regular brushing regimen.

Your child’s permanent teeth will start to come through around the age of six years, beginning with the first molars and lower central incisors.
This process can continue up to the age of 21 years.
+ Early Childhood Caries?
Caries (decay) are caused when a child’s teeth are exposed to sugary liquids often. These include milk (including breast milk), formula, fruit juice and other sweetened liquids.
+ Baby’s First Dental Visit
Your child’s first dental visit should ideally be scheduled between 6-12 months of age. When children are very young it is necessary to supervise their brushing to ensure proper brushing habits are adapted. Your dentist will probably recommend regular fluoride treatments which will strengthen enamel and help your child’s teeth resist decay.
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Pit & Fissure Sealants:
The chewing surfaces of children’s teeth are the most susceptible to cavities and least benefited by fluorides. Sealants are applied to the tops or chewing surfaces of back teeth and are highly effective in preventing tooth decay.