Restorative Dentistry

     Restorative Dentistry Mumbai

Dental infection or painful injury can definitely harm a smile. It does not need to be permanent. Advancement in dental treatments can restore a patient’s dental appearance. By having more choices, we can perform dental restoration to repair worn, decayed damaged or missing teeth to restore your healthy and beautiful smile.

     Direct Restoration

We provide direct tooth restoration by placing a soft or malleable filling into a prepared tooth cavity immediately and before the materials sets hard. We will help you choose from a variety of filling options based on the type and location of the filling found on your teeth.

To illustrate, glass or resin ionomers are often used as substitutes placed near the tooth root or other areas which does not involve heavy pressure caused by chewing. Otherwise, we will use the amalgam which is a combination of metals. It has been the most popular and effective filling material used in dentistry for the last 150 years and millions of people worldwide have amalgam fillings.

     Indirect Restoration

It mainly involves customised tooth replacements such as crowns, onlays, or inlays.

We suggest a crown to cover the entire chewing surface of a tooth. We will require more than one visit with us since an indirect tooth restoration because the inlay or onlay must be fabricated in a dental laboratory. An inlay is placed within the cusps of the tooth. Meanwhile, an onlay covers one or more cusp tip. Both includes portion of the chewing surface.

Crowns, inlays and onlays are made from an array of materials. Basically, gold is still used for some inlays. Others prefer or are more concerned having white teeth. As such, we offer porcelain and tooth-coloured composite resins as options.


Our facilities are able to provide you prosthodontics. We can offer you the following services depending on your needs.

Removable Partials Dentures
If you need removable partial dentures, it will have a metal framework and clasps that will connect to your teeth and attached to a pink or gum-coloured plastic bases. It may feel awkward and bulky at first and this is normal.

Flexible Partial Dentures
Flexible partials is a solution we provide to replace one or more teeth. Using this type of dentures, it does not require any uncomfortable metal clasps to keep them in place. It is also realistic-looking and offers an instant aesthetic solution.

Complete Dentures
Commonly known as false teeth, This could take several months as we will prepare you physically and psychologically in using the complete dentures. We believe that the transition is important as it can be traumatic to some.