Root Canal Treatment

1. Post-operative discomfort is sometimes experienced after a treatment visit. It may range from a mild discomfort in the area to an occasional episode of considerable pain. This discomfort will usually maximize in approximately 48-72 hrs and then subside. Please avoid chewing on the treated tooth for a few days.

2. If a throbbing sensation occurs please keep your head elevated as much as possible and place extra pillows under your head while lying down. Avoid as much as possible any strenuous activity as well.

3. If antibiotic medication has been prescribed please take it as indicated until you have finished all the medication. If you encounter any difficulty in breathing or a skin rash or gastric disturbance should occur, please discontinue the medication and call the Clinic.

4. If medication has been prescribed, please take it as indicated.

5. If your tooth has been left open to aid in drainage of an infection, please place cotton in your mouth as directed. Do not leave the cotton in the tooth between meals.

6. If swelling of gums is present or should appear after a visit, please rinse the area every 1-2 hrs with a solution of warm salt water prepared by adding a teaspoon of salt to a. glass of warm water.

7. If swelling of the face should appear, apply an ice pack to the area for 5 minutes every ½ hr and inform the clinic.