Smile Stories

Smile Makeovers | Porcelain Veneers

This patient was unhappy with her smile; she felt her teeth were too yellow, too tipped back and too small. She wanted whiter teeth and a wider smile “to match her personality”. We placed 10 porcelain veneers – now she loves her smile and shows her personality every time she can!

This 36 year old female was unhappy with the colour and shape of her uneven smile. She wanted a permanent solution. After Zoom! 1 hour whitening was performed; she was fitted for six Porcelain veneers. The results speak for themselves. She loves her new smile!

With a heavily bonded front left tooth, uneven smile and dark coloured teeth, this 29 year old female hated showing her smile. She was getting married and wanted her happiness to show in her photos.

After a single porcelain crown on the left front tooth and five Porcelain veneers on the other front teeth, her smile transformation was complete. Her beautiful result was seen by all the wedding guests and her husband is still smiling!

     Smile Makeovers | Porcelain Crowns

Old, stained bonded (resin) restorations on crooked teeth. This cosmetic dental problem was corrected with six, all porcelain crowns in just 2 visits!

This 43 year old executive was concerned about her worn and discoloured teeth. She felt that her smile did not reflect her professional stature and aged her prematurely.

We created a more youthful and pleasing smile by repairing the worn teeth and correcting the colour. The treatment in this case was 6 Porcelain (non metal) upper anterior crowns and 6 Porcelain veneers on her lower anterior teeth. She was extremely pleased with the results and feels her smile reflects her personality better. She is considering treating the rest of her teeth as well. Stay tuned for future photos!


This 29 year old IT professional was very unhappy with her ‘snaggletooth’ (as she called it) and wanted a more confident smile. Invisalign clear braces suited her needs and lifestyle perfectly, giving her that smile she always wanted.

This 24 year old male was pursuing a career in the financial industry, but felt that his crooked and yellow teeth were detracting to his chances of finding the right job. Having his teeth straightened with Invisalign and then whitened with Zoom! gave him a tremendous boost in confidence. This confidence helped him land the job he wanted.

A large cavity on the back of the 1st molar has reached the nerve (pulp) and is causing a painful abscess. Prompt Root Canal treatment (cleaning out the infection and damaged nerve) and bonding has restored this tooth to function. This tooth was later protected with a crown to prevent future breakage.

     Dental Implants

If you have one missing tooth, a dental implant is your best choice. This is an example of how a missing or failing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant.

This patient was missing several front teeth and using multiple dental implants his smile was restored to its natural beauty.


This young woman presented with severely crowded misaligned teeth. Her confidence and self-esteem was forever improved with her new smile thanks to the orthodontic treatment she underwent with us!

This patient had moderate crowding and rotated teeth. This orthodontic case took only 18 months to complete and the results were amazing!

     General Dentistry
     Tooth-Coloured Fillings

A large, leaky, silver (amalgam) filling with a recurrent cavity (decay) is removed and replaced with a modern bonded (composite resin) restoration, usually in one appointment.

Leaky, corroded, silver (amalgam) fillings were replaced with modern, bonded (composite resin) restorations in one appointment.