Tooth Replacement


Eat properly before Appt.- one long sitting may be under Local anesthesia.
Once the cutting & impression is made temporary crowns, made of acrylic, will be
Cemented with temporary cement.

They prevent

1. Sensitivity & Damage to pulp.

2. Maintain the clearance Which has been made for the Bridge.

Occasionally in case, if one of your pulp horn is exposed during Bridge cutting an intentional 1 sitting Root Canal may be required.

The Temporary crown may come out if you eat stick food or bite too hard on them. If they do come out preserve them & see your dentist immediately.

Metal Trial

Fixed prosthetics

1. You may find it different to bite hard things immediately.
2. Chew soft diet initially.
3. Clean your bridges as well as the replaced tooth regularly.
4. Have a check up with your dentist once a year.
5. Clean the replaced tooth from underneath if it is of the sanitary variety.


Procedure – Understand the steps involved
1.Primary impression
2. Final impression
3. Bite Registration
4. Trial-Anterior/Posterior
5. Finished Denture
6. Adjustment Apts. -2-3 (Immediately Post Delivery)
7. Periodically get your dentures relined.

Post op instruction

1. Wear the denture for the 1st 24 hours and see your dentist next day, it will show the areas needing adjustment.
2. Initial Problems
A. There will be a lot of salivation, learn to swallow with dentures on.
B. Speech-Read aloud to get used to dentures.
3. Learn to hold the dentures with your tongue & check.
4. Foods habits-Initially start with soft diet for a week. Then semi soft then regular
5. Always bite simultaneously on both sides. Unilateral chewing not allowed.
6. Wear dentures only for 12 hours. Allow the compressed gum tissue to root (without dentures on) for 8-12 hours. If Any discomfort report to dentist for adjustment.


Same instructions

Learn to wear & remove your denture correctly because of the  path of insertion of denture.


1. After every meal rinse the mouth & denture under running tap water.
2. Clean the denture at least twice a day. This is best-done using a liquid soap & soft toothbrush. Commercially available tablets can also be used.
3. After a thorough cleaning the denture can be kept overnight in a mouth rinsing solution.
4. Please note frequent consumption of tea, coffee & pan can cause discoloration & staining of dentures & teeth.