Painless Root Canal

       Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

When the pulp and the tissue surrounding the root of the tooth get diseased or injured, you
need endodontic therapy to save the tooth. Most people refer to the treatment as a root
canal treatment or endodontic therapy.

Does it hurt?
No.  Local anaesthesia is used and it should feel no different to having an ordinary filling
done.This can be coupled with conscious sedation (Give link to nitrous oxide)to achieve
anxiety free dental appointment.

+ An Endodontic treatment might be advised if
  • It hurts when you bite
  • The tooth is sensitive to anything hot
  • It is sensitive to cold for more than a couple of minutes
  • There is swelling near the tooth
  • Tooth is discoloured
  • It is broken
+ Why would you need endodontic treatment?

  • The first is infection.
  • The second reason for a root canal treatment is damage to the pulp that can’t be fixed.
+ Why not just extract the bad tooth?

There are several downsides to losing a natural tooth. If a tooth is missing, the
neighbouring teeth can drift out of line. They can also be overstressed from chewing.
Saving your natural teeth helps you to avoid other treatments, such as implants or bridges.
Once you ignore an infected or injured tooth, you risk spreading the infection to other parts
of your body.
+ Other potential health problems due to infected tooth

An infected tooth may endanger other parts of the body. People with special vulnerabilities,
such as prosthetic joint replacement or mitral valve prolapse (heart disease), may need to
take antibiotics to protect from infection spreading during dental procedures.

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